Supporting Australian Values

Our program provides the opportunity to engage with a forward thinking Australian agenda which acknowledges our nation's diversity, achievements, its past and its future.

Indigenous Australians

The date of 26 January is part of history for all Australians. It marks the survival of our Indigenous people, our convict heritage, and the enriching of contemporary Australian culture by the millions of people who have since called this country home. We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations had change forced upon them with the coming of European laws, values and social constructs. Many see this day as a time to discuss issues affecting our national identity – it can be valuable for people to engage with Australia Day and add meaning in their own way.

Invest in our program

As the business network that supports the Australia Day in NSW, all revenue generated through Corporate Club Australia funds the program.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and enjoy the day, all public events are free-to-attend.

As a result over 400,000 people are drawn to Darling Harbour, Hyde Park, Circular Quay, Sydney harbour and numerous foreshore vantage points to be a part of the day.

We invite you to become a sponsor and support the values that underpin our national day – values like diversity and inclusion.

Please contact us to explore opportunities for your organisation to become involved.