Leading the way for business

Corporate Club Australia is the business network that supports the Australia Day program in NSW. It has more than 60 private sector and government organisations, which sponsor the program and are committed to supporting the values that underpin our national day – values like diversity, respect and inclusion.

Business engagement and networking

Members enjoy access to an exclusive calendar of eight premium events throughout the year which hosts over 2,500 guests. These activities provide regular opportunities to engage with representatives from business and government organisations.

Corporate Club Australia recognises the importance of networking. To help with this valuable interaction, guests are given a list of attendees ahead of events. Our team is also on hand to facilitate introductions.

Brand alignment

As a Corporate Club Australia member you are aligning with an iconic network of organisations which share values of excellence, innovation and integrity.

These organisations enjoy the positive brand alignment of being associated with impressive and inspirational Australian events.


Members are acknowledged in a range of print and digital material.

Your membership is acknowledged on the Official AustraliaDay.com.au and CorporateClubAustralia.com.au websites and at both our corporate and public events.


Invest in a program that supports excellence, innovation and integrity.